I Services has been providing technology solutions since 2006 to startups and SMB's. We know the difficulties of keeping up with technology and the costs involved, we've seen many businesses spend thousands on systems that ultimately fail them, and we also understand the importance of technology in giving you the solutions required to compete in your market.

We've worked with many different industries implementing solutions from ERP systems, CRM systems, custom database applications, web applications, and even entire networks of servers and workstations for their offices.

We offer consultations, assistance, development, and implementation of services. With I Services you can be assured that you will get the right solution to meet your requirements the first time and at the best price.

We align technical solutions to an organization’s business model and strategies.


I Services portfolio is comprised of organizational services, including business process improvement, office program development, implementation and management, organizational restructuring, change management, business continuity planning, and legacy environment transformation.

Our services also include strategic and technical services, such as business and technology strategy planning, architecture and infrastructure services, business to technology alignment, application and integration development.